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Rescue Time - 10x Your Fundraising

To grow your organization - without someone handing you a blank check - you're going to need to figure out how to raise the extra funds to get you there.

And doing that needs space and time - to generate the clear thinking needed to make your vision, a reality.

Where do you get the extra time?

Who's not busy working within their organization - putting out fires, dealing with programs or staff and just keeping up their existing fundraising.

But to grow needs you also to be working on your organization.

Rescue Time

The first step to do this is to ‘rescue time’ - away from day-to-day distractions - and transform this time to be ‘productive time’.

This is where your best ideas can become a reality.

It’s also where you're free to engage in your most valuable work. That’s the work that will move your organization forward the most.

But how much of your time can possibly be devoted to this?

Maybe right now you average a half hour of productive time a day. If you rescue one hour, you’ve tripled your productive time!

Almost anybody should be able to rescue an hour of productive time in a day.

Use Leverage
One idea is to use leverage.

You can do this by creating SOPs (standard operating procedures) - these are step-by-step instructions to time consuming tasks you may be doing.

You can then hand off these tasks to others. This can literally free up hours.

I’m working right now with a client on doing just that.

It’s an exciting journey of discovery: cataloguing all his responsibilities across the organization, deciding what can be delegated, and creating simple SOPs for his team.

With every session, we make breakthroughs, increasing his clarity in understanding what is preventing his focus on productive work.

It’s liberating.

Our efforts will rescue hours of time for him each week.

Once he does that, he’ll be able to figure out a serious plan to 10X his fundraising—and then actually have the headspace to make it happen.

Transforming an organization will take transformative effort. But it starts with rescuing just enough time to get the ball rolling.

What will you do this week to rescue an extra half hour of productive time?

B'Hatzlacha Raba Raba,


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