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Feel true appreciation

One special Yid, who has a mossad Torah in the Tri-State area, wrote this powerful follow-up to last week’s email.


Last week’s post was brilliant! Yet, I would add something.

I had an encounter with one of my biggest donors, and he shared with me his feelings and challenges in a very heartfelt way.

He told me that the week before, he had given out over one million dollars to support various charities, yet he knew that he had not made one person happy!"

This donor shared as follows,

“Look at you. I am making a serious five-figure donation, likely your highest annual contribution. Yet, I understand - and it's not your fault. While a part of you is genuinely thankful, another part of you is disappointed.

Since last year, your Yeshiva has grown, you're doing more for klal Yisroel, and your needs and budget have increased as well. I don't fault you at all, but you're asking for more money from me than last year. You are right to want it. It's appropriate for you to ask me for it.

But the bottom line is I am giving you 50K, and you’re disappointed!!

My nisayon is to accept the fact that no matter how much I give and how much I stretch myself, I am letting people down. This is my nisayon - to keep giving anyway...."

Avraham, perhaps we need to add to the list you shared last week, this additional point, regarding what our donors really want:

To feel truly appreciated for their donation

It's crucial to recognize that our donors may perceive any mixed emotions we may harbor, particularly during moments of disappointment.

Especially in recent times, when many donors are finding it difficult to maintain their past levels of generosity, developing a deeper appreciation for their support becomes even more vital.

Before a meeting, let's take a moment to prepare ourselves so we can be all in.

The truth is, genuine appreciation will build more meaningful relationships and may even encourage your donor to extend themselves further for you and your cause.

Thank you once again for all the insightful and helpful emails. MW

Have a great week,