'Campaign 1:1 Fundraising Coaching' 


    It's built for leaders of mosdos Torah who need to take their online campaign to the next level.


    Get Focus . Aim High . Achieve More


    "No platitudes, cliches, or “coachspeak,” just focus, understanding, and a touch of British dry wit. Just what the doctor ordered.


    His approach is methodical, consistent, and grounded in reality."


    - Rabbi Avigdor Goldberger, Executive Director, Minneapolis Kollel 


    Is 'Campaign 1:1 Coaching' for you?

    • You see that raising funds is getting harder
    • You've done a campaign before, but can't quite figure out how you can raise more this year
    • You need an organized way to manage your many campaign & fundraising tasks
    • You need someone to hold you accountable when there's so much at stake, and so many distractions


    - R’ Shlomo Rothstein, Executive Director, Minneapolis Yeshiva


    I can't describe my hakaras ha tov to you. You had a lot of patience to work with us. Your insights in so many ways were fantastic. Your focus kept me focused. You took away the noise and kept the focus on the ikar and not the taful.


    An example of a big donor, we would have received probably $18k. Instead because of you guidance you showed me how to ask for $500k and they agreed to $300k over 5 years!


    Another example, you brought out such an important nekuda in a difficult ask, that we would have gotten $5k and instead we received $36k!


    Why do you need a coach after the first year of running a campaign? Two benefits, the first is a good coach will keep you very focused. Second, Avraham’s guidance in just one or two larger donor solicitations will cover the entire fee multiple times over.


    Avraham is a ben Torah with all the correct hashkafas. This was critical.


    Imagine taking your online campaign to the next level...  

    • Get more done, earlier, and more successfully, without having more time
    • Gain the confidence to solicit donors so they respond positively
    • Gain the trust and support of ambassadors so they help more
    • Be guided to open up new funding opportunities
    • Smooth out your workload with a online campaign system
    • Get a handle on all your responsibilities so you become highly effective in your role

    Who is Campaign 1:1 Coaching’ designed for?


    'Campaign 1:1 Coaching' is most likely a good fit if...

    ✅ You're an exective director or leader of your own mossad

    ✅ You've been fundraising for at least a few years

    ✅ You shoulder most or all of the fundraising responsibility


    And you need to...

    ✅ Raise more

    ✅ In a more systemized way

    ✅ And be accountable to someone in your efforts



    Expert Coaching Will Supercharge Your Fundraising  


    Campaign 1:1 Coaching is crafted for leaders of mosdos Torah - so they break through to the next level in their campaign.


    - Rabbi Yaakov Lynn - Founder and Head of Meorot Seminary, Jerusalem


    Avraham challenged us to think bigger - without his guidance, we never would have set our campaign goal so high - and we reached higher levels than ever before!!


    With Avraham's guidance, for the first time we really felt prepared for our campaign.


    He helped us set goals, stick to a schedule and make sure we were on track - and the result was a campaign that raised almost 3x our previous campaigns.


    Why work with Avraham to coach your campaign?


    ✅ I've run campaigns since 2014 - Right at the start of it all

    ✅ I've coached 200+ campaigns for over 75 Jewish leaders

    ✅ I've guided leaders to raise $100M+ so far


    And as an independant coach...

    ✅ I have inside experience with all the major platforms

    ✅ I can give you unbiased advice

    ✅ I often save leaders a ton of money with the right platform

    Why Campaign Coaching is the Best Investment

    in Your Fundraising?


    You'll Gain Clarity and Focus: Cut through the noise with a clear vision and focused action plans that drive success.


    You'll Be Accountable to Your Success: I'm your partner in progress, keeping you committed to your goals.


    You'll Get a Solid ROI: Experience a return that exceeds your investment through enhanced performance and results.


    You'll Accelerate Your Journey: Fast-track your personal and professional development with expert guidance tailored to your unique role.


    You'll Receive Objective Insights: Benefit from unbiased, honest feedback that pushes you towards excellence.


    You'll Achieve Peak Performance: Elevate your effectiveness and productivity to new heights.


    You'll Make Smarter Decisions: Sharpen your decision-making skills for wiser, more impactful outcomes.


    You'll Engage in a Supportive Partnership: Navigate your growth journey with a coach who supports and motivates you every step of the way.


    You'll Receive Customized Learning: Focus on what matters to you with a personalized coaching plan.




    If after a few sessions you see it's not a good fit to work together, you can bail out and your investment will be returned in full. Guaranteed.



    Space is limited...


    To ensure my best work, 'Campaign 1:1 Coaching' is limited to 2-3 client campaigns at any one time. Apply now to secure the next available spot.

    But Don’t Take My Word For it...


    Here’s what other folks have said:


    "Avraham Lewis is simply the best investment my Yeshiva has ever made."


    - Rabbi Elchonon Jacobovitz, Dean, Hamesivta Of Monsey


    Working with R’ Avraham was, from start to finish, enormously valuable.


    Starting with working through the campaign strategy, continuing with solicitation planning and execution, and finishing with post-campaign discussions to ensure retention of new and old donors.


    R’ Avraham was always spot-on and insightful. We literally couldn’t have done it without you and look forward to our next opportunity to delight in your humor and expertise.


    - Rabbi Yaakov Berkowitz - Executive Director, St Louis Kollel



    Working with you over the last few months has been such an amazing experience, and a game changer for our school!


    Your guidance, advice, and encouragement over the last few months were AMAZING; from working through a potential matcher list and the ask, both to major donors and middle tier donors, the marketing material and where to best focus our efforts, all the way through the 24 campaign.


    Most of our matchers were all new money!!!! We couldn’t have accomplished this without you! Your guidance every step of the way was AMAZING!


    - Rabbi Chaim Dessler - Executive Director, Bais Yaakov of Boston



    Reb Avraham kept us focused on what we really needed to be doing in our online campaign.


    With his energetic personality, and understanding of matching campaigns we were in great hands.


    A real value added of working with him were the campaign templates which gave us the clarity of what we needed to achieve.


    Also, on the day of the campaign he gave us very clear guidance which maximized the amount we raised. He's a great coach who really empowers his clients to be successful!


    - R’ Yehuda Amsel, Yeshiva Darchei Torah, Detroit



    This was our third online campaign with Reb Avraham. He guided us and inspired us to reach new heights.


    He not only raised our personal fundraising bar, but he showed us how to empower our ambassadors so they achieved so much more. This campaign was our most successful yet.


    - R’ Tzvi Jacobson, Director, Yeshiva Darchei Torah, Detroit



    I’ve worked with Avraham for the past 8 years as a fundraising campaign coach.


    He never disappoints. You will always make back your investment, many times over through working with him - money back guaranteed!


    - R’ Sruly Koval, Jewish Family Experience, Cleveland


    Avraham Lewis is a breath of fresh air. When we were faced with the daunting task of creatively and successfully launching yet another crowdfunding campaign, Avraham shared his expertise with a positive, can-do attitude.


    He gave us the tools and guidance to push ourselves and rise above all challenges to execute a campaign that raised exponentially more funds than ever before.


    I highly recommend Avraham Lewis to any organization looking to do things differently, because they want to achieve different and better results.


    - Mrs Heather Burton - Director of Philanthropy, Meorot Yerushalayim



    We were launching our first matching campaign and I wasn’t sure where to start. I was completely overwhelmed by the process.


    When we started working together, Avraham assessed our Yeshiva’s donor base and began developing a vision and structure for the campaign. He made a list of priorities and a timeline and showed me how it’s done.


    Avraham kept me motivated and super-focused from start to finish. He was very responsive and edited my emails and solicitation pitches.


    He knew when to encourage and when to criticize. He is a great listener and very patient. Our conversations were always serious and fun.


    Avraham is organized, methodical, but also flexible and can adapt to the situation. He really understands the ins and outs of fundraising and how different kinds of donors work.


    I am extremely pleased that we chose Avraham. First of all I was able to concentrate all my energy and “give it all I got” knowing that I’m headed in the right direction and not shooting in the dark.


    Secondly, and most importantly, B”H we nearly doubled our original campaign goal :)


    Working with Avraham Lewis was in my opinion one of the best fundraising investments the Yeshiva has made. I’m proud to consider myself a “talmid” of Avraham Lewis.


    - Rabbi Shloime Rothstein - Executive Director, Yeshiva of Minneapolis



    Your guidance and direction gave me the focus and peace of mind that I needed. Knowing that we had your vast experience and wisdom gave us the ability to plan properly.


    You gave specific steps that needed to be taken and when to take them. When I was under pressure, you were able to calm me down and help me regain my confidence.


    When I fell short of what had been planned, you had the flexibility to help me navigate from where I was up to.


    Without your help, I could have put my time and efforts into the wrong areas. Because of your involvement in each step of our campaign, it was more successful then we had even hoped for.


    - Rabbi Avi Oberstein - Executive Director, TTEC, Beis Medrash Mayan Hatorah, Toronto



    Avraham was referred to me by several friends from other organizations who are repeat clients and big fans!


    Working with Avraham gave me and our online campaign the clarity and guidance we needed to succeed.


    As a direct result of Avraham's guidance, our organization raised 40% more than our goal and almost 60% more than we've raised in past campaigns! 


    - Dana Margolis - Director of Philanthropy, Shapell's/ Midreshet Rachel, Jerusalem



    From the initial planning stages, right through to the final seconds, Avraham's clear mentoring and expert guidance meant that our campaign achieved maximum success.


    You were invaluable!


    - Rabbi Daniel Rowe - Director, Aish UK, London



    Before meeting with Avraham Lewis, I was completely overwhelmed at the thought of running an online fundraiser. But as soon as we met, I immediately felt confident in his ability to guide MyTEAM through a successful campaign.


    He had such a crystal clear vision and plan for how we can reach our goal and he shared his knowledge in a systematic and easy-to-digest way.


    I was able to convey that knowledge and confidence to my staff and eventually to my ambassadors, and we BH had an incredibly successful campaign. I highly recommend Mr. Lewis's services.


    - Mrs Rochel Weiss - Co-Founder MyTEAMCares, New York



    There are many details to a campaign and it is easy to get sidetracked from the goal of raising funds.


    R' Avraham helps you keep your eye on the ball and gives advice specific for fundraising based on numbers and experience. B'H, All our campaigns we ran with him were very successful! 


    - Rabbi Pinchus Neuberger - Rosh Yeshiva, Mesivta of West Bloomfield, Michigan



    Even more than the financial benefit that working with R’ Avraham on our campaigns, having someone who is always there to bounce ideas off of or get advice from is even more valuable.


    I greatly appreciate his mentorship, wisdom and guidance. I highly recommend working with R’ Avraham. A true Ben Torah and Mentch.


    - Rabbi Eli Kamins, Executive Director, Esther Miller Bais Yaakov, St Louis



    Running my matching campaign would have been impossible without Avraham’s help.


    Avraham held my hand through every step of the process, helped me define my goal and then helped me beat it. He went above and beyond and I am very grateful.


    - Rabbi Zecharia Rubin - Rav, Ahavas Torah, Las Vegas



    This was our first matching campaign, and as such, we needed direction from start to finish.


    We very much appreciated having you as our campaign coach and guide. You came highly recommended, and we can see why.


    You gave us needed direction every step of the way; from practical advice on how to motivate our team, to direction addressing the overall question of defining our fundraising goals.


    - Rabbi Gidon Moskovits - Rav, Meyerland Minyan, Houston


    Who wrote this page, anyway?


    Hi! I'm Avraham Lewis and over the last decade, I've become the go-to guide for leaders of mosdos Torah, helping them not just meet, but exceed their fundraising expectations.


    Why? To make a monumental impact on Klal Yisroel.


    Back in the day, I was right there in the trenches, fundraising for mosdos Torah. While doing this I developed a fundraising system that helped me succeed.


    Fast forward, now I'm sharing that secret sauce, transforming leaders from overwhelmed executive directors to confident trailblazers with my HighRaise™ system.

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    And the stats? Over 175+ Jewish leaders have managed to fast track their fundraising goals using this system.


    Along the way, mosdos I've worked with have raised $100's of millions in their - online, capital and annual fundraising.


    Not to mention, my weekly blog is a treasure trove, guiding a whopping thousand plus Jewish leaders globally.


    Born and raised in London, (that's in England 😊) I earned my stripes with a business degree from Manchester Business School, then spent six life changing years at Aish HaTorah.


    For the last 20 years, I've lived in Ramat Beit Shemesh where I help mosdos globally make their biggest difference in Klal Yisroel! ragraph text here.

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