• Here’s what clients are saying;

    Rabbi Moshe Weiss - Rosh HaYeshiva, Heichal HaTalmud, Lakewood

    Working with R' Avraham has been life changing. His expert advice and guidance has empowered me to take the Yeshiva to heights that were previously unimaginable.


    He taught me to trust in my vision and act upon that vision with confidence and clarity. Heichal Hatalmud is what it is today, and what it will be tomorrow thanks to R Avraham Lewis


    Rabbi Elchonon Jacobovitz - Dean, Hamesivta of Monsey

    I reached out to Avraham Lewis after I arrived at the conclusion that my current ad-hoc fundraising model was not sustainable in the long-term, and that I really needed both strategic guidance and an organized approach.


    Despite my skeptical nature, Avraham completely blew me away right from the get-go, working with my talents and personality, "getting it", and providing the perfect balance of guidance and accountability on the one hand, and self-empowerment on the other.


    Given that I was able to benefit from him so drastically, I am confident that just about anyone can!


    Rabbi Raphael Landesman - Shearim Torah High School, Phoenix

    Our school, Shearim Torah High School for Girls, contracted with Avraham Lewis to be a consultant for our capital campaign. Our goal was to raise $500,000 for a down payment on a new building.


    Although we hoped to reach our goal, we did not think, based on our previous solicitation experiences, that it was realistic. But we forged ahead anyway, putting our faith in Avraham’s expertise.


    Avraham trained myself and our board in the art of persuasive fundraising - coaching, encouraging, admonishing, and empowering us.


    In the course of our solicitations and subsequent online crowdfunding campaign, we raised over $800,000.


    Avraham devoted himself to our cause, making himself available for all types of questions and strategic meetings, and walking us through the steps of crafting support for our project.


    Avraham Lewis truly took us ‘to the next level’ of donor development, and helped make our dream of a new building come true. He will do the same for you.


    Mrs. Mimi Gonsky - Board Member, Shearim Torah High School, Phoenix

    As a group of volunteers and a head of school, who had little experience in fundraising, we were very nervous about how to raise the money to buy a new building for our girls’ high school.


    Hiring Avraham was the smartest move we made. As someone in sales I thought I knew a thing or two, but quickly realized how much we needed his guidance.


    He guided us the entire way. He created a plan, taught us how to talk to people, answered our questions and kept us focused and motivated. And we saw the money come in.


    Stage two of our plan was to run a crowdfunding campaign. It was extremely overwhelming, but Avraham guided us step by step.


    The success we saw was beyond our expectations. We raised over $800K over four months working with Avraham. I would highly recommend him.


    Rabbi Shalom Garfinkel - Founder, Project 613, Chicago

    With his keen insight into people and his years of fundraising & coaching experience, Avraham Lewis guides both the novice and advanced fundraiser to reach unexpected heights.


    Personally, his guidance and mentorship nurtured my fledgling non-profit

    into a solid and growing organization focused on expansion and not just survival.


    Avraham's warm & humorous personality helps motivate even in the most profound moments of 'fundraising doldrums.'


    Avraham has not only given me 'macro' guidance on how to cultivate larger donors but has worked with me in the 'micro' of what, how, & how much to ask specific donors.


    Avraham is an investment in yourself and in your organization that will pay you back many fold.


    Rabbi Nechemia Gottleib - Founder, TAG International, Lakewood

    Avraham's understanding of the big picture together with his utmost commitment to the “katnus” of the daily grind is unusual and enlightening.
    This is rounded out by a quick wit and natural knack for salesmanship which is so important in making the fundraising pitch.

    Avraham’s coaching will not only benefit your fundraising but other areas of executive duties and life. He’s a delight to work with. I warmly recommend Avraham as a coach.


    Rabbi Leib Irons - Founder, Kesher Yisrael, Toronto

    After starting Kesher Yisrael in 2018 with tremendous idealism and dreams, very quickly the spending far outweighed the revenue and it became extremely stressful and overwhelming.


    Avraham worked diligently at understanding the vision and goals of Kesher Yisrael, and worked with me to come up with a practical plan on how to get onto stable footing.


    B"H his guidance allowed me to take Kesher Yisrael from the brink of despair to a much more stable place. Avraham was focused on achieving the goals of Kesher Yisrael and never felt judged by him even when it was clear that I needed a lot of coaching and direction.


    Thank you so much for helping to bring Kesher Yisrael (and myself) out of debt with a solid path forward.


    Lea Davidson - Executive Director, Puah Fertility, Brooklyn

    Avraham was able to help me reframe my ‘ask’ as well as help me create a work plan out of the lists and lists of names, which made it possible to work on it day by day.


    Avraham is able to listen well to the issues at hand and help to focus on how best to approach different potential donors.


    It was very helpful to be able to see possible barriers and blocks and then figure out the best way to deal with the objections in a very real way.


    Avraham was able to understand challenges I had with individual donors and give me the clarity on how to effectively ask using my voice and my style.


    Avraham helped me feel comfortable and confident in my role and that made a huge difference. Thank you!


    R Shloime Rothstein - Executive Director, Yeshiva of Minneapolis, Minneapolis

    We were launching our first matching campaign and I wasn’t sure where to start. I was completely overwhelmed by the process.


    When we started working together, Avraham assessed our Yeshiva’s donor base and began developing a vision and structure for the campaign. He made a list of priorities and a timeline and showed me how it’s done.


    Avraham kept me motivated and super-focused from start to finish. He was very responsive and edited my emails and solicitation pitches.


    He knew when to encourage and when to criticize. He is a great listener and very patient. Our conversations were always serious and fun.


    Avraham is organized, methodical, but also flexible and can adapt to the situation.

    He really understands the ins and outs of fundraising and how different kinds of donors work.


    I am extremely pleased that we chose Avraham. First of all I was able to concentrate all my energy and “give it all I got” knowing that I’m headed in the right direction and not shooting in the dark.


    Secondly, and most importantly, B”H we nearly doubled our original campaign goal :)


    Working with Avraham Lewis was in my opinion one of the best fundraising investments the Yeshiva has made. I’m proud to consider myself a “talmid” of Avraham Lewis.


    Rabbi Mordechai Hoffman - Executive Director, Hillel Academy of Denver
    Working with Avraham has been a tremendous boost to our fundraising efforts. He brings a focused, thought-out, and organized approach to the entire development process.
    He simultaneously holds our feet to the fire, while at the same time supporting and guiding us to greater and greater heights.
    He has helped us consistently raise our fundraising goals year after year – and then exceed them.

    Rabbi Avi Onerstein - Executive Director, TTEC, Beis Medrash Mayan Hatorah, Toronto

    Your guidance and direction gave me the focus and peace of mind that I needed.

    Knowing that we had your vast experience and wisdom gave us the ability to plan properly.


    You gave specific steps that needed to be taken and when to take them.

    When I was under pressure, you were able to calm me down and help me regain my confidence.


    When I fell short of what had been planned, you had the flexibility to help me navigate from where I was up to.


    Without your help, I could have put my time and efforts into the wrong areas. Because of your involvement in each step of our campaign, it was more successful then we had even hoped for.


    Rabbi Avigdor Goldberger - Executive Director, Minneapolis Kollel

    I’ve experimented with other coaches before, and none of them were like Avraham Lewis.


    No platitudes, cliches, or “coachspeak,” just focus, understanding, and a touch of British dry wit. Just what the doctor ordered.


    His approach is methodical, consistent, and grounded in reality. If you’re looking for ego-stroking, there may be other people out there, but if you’re looking for business, Avraham’s your man.


    Dana Margolis - Director of Philanthropy, Shapell's/ Midreshet Rachel, Jerusalem

    Avraham was referred to me by several friends from other organizations who are repeat clients and big fans!


    Working with Avraham gave me and our online campaign the clarity and guidance we needed to succeed.


    As a direct result of Avraham's guidance, our organization raised 40% more than our goal and almost 60% more than we've raised in past campaigns!


    Aharon Rubenstein - Executive Director, Yeshiva Ketana of Los Angeles

    Working with Reb Avraham over the last 6 months has been extremely beneficial for me.


    I had been fundraising for over 9 years without an organized system of contacting donors, following up with prospects, and visualizing my short, mid, and long-term goals.


    Reb Avraham helped get me both organized and focused. This, plus the added benefits of having a “chavrusa” to strategize with helped me raise more money for my Yeshiva during Corona than I had thought possible.


    The fee for working with Reb Avraham was a small investment that quickly paid off.


    Rabbi Levi Lebovits - Founder, Vaad Project, Denver

    I have been working with R' Avraham for over 3 years. He is incredible!


    He has helped me raise more money from year to year, as well as build and grow my project in ways I never imagined possible.


    He is much more than a fundraising coach – he is a friend, a guide and a supporter who invests his entire self into helping his clients succeed.


    If your responsibilities include fundraising, consider using R' Avraham Lewis to assist you in your efforts.


    Rabbi Yoel Gold - Founder, Hashkifa, Los Angeles

    I still remember the very first time I spoke to R’ Avraham. He asked me how much I want to raise.


    I couldn’t get myself to actually say the amount, $100,000. I never believed it could be done. R’ Avraham did. He guided me every step of the way.


    We managed to exceed all our expectations many times over, because of R’ Avraham’s professionalism and unrelenting optimism.


    Rabbi Avraham Scheinberg - Rabbi, Rofei Shalom Congregation, San Antonio

    Avraham, Thank you so much for all your dedication and help. We could not have done it without you and your team!


    You have opened a whole new way for us to raise funds to meet our ultimate goal of bringing Jews closer to their Father in Heaven!


    In addition, the feedback from a fundraiser has never been this positive. People are asking when the next one will be:)


    Thanks again for your expertise and belief that we would make it.


    Rabbi Yerachmiel Udman - Director of Development, Mesorah High School, Dallas

    Working with Avraham Lewis took my fundraising efforts to a new level.

    For example, I gained the ability to be much more strategic and deliberate in my approach to donors and prospects. Avraham challenged me to ask myself "why?" with each interaction. Then to make sure that it was serving a clear purpose.

    With his clear process my donor solicitations were much more successful than before.


    Rabbi Daniel Rowe - Executive Director, Aish UK, London

    Aish UK's Crowdfunding campaign raised £1,150,450.


    From the initial planning stages, right through to the final seconds, Avraham's clear mentoring and expert guidance meant that our campaign achieved maximum success. You were invaluable!


    Mrs Rochel Weiss - Co-Founder MyTEAMCares, New York

    Before meeting with Avraham Lewis, I was completely overwhelmed at the thought of running an online fundraiser. But as soon as we met, I immediately felt confident in his ability to guide MyTEAM through a successful campaign.


    He had such a crystal clear vision and plan for how we can reach our goal and he shared his knowledge in a systematic and easy-to-digest way.


    I was able to convey that knowledge and confidence to my staff and eventually to my ambassadors, and we BH had an incredibly successful campaign. I highly recommend Mr. Lewis's services.


    Rabbi Naftali Karp - Founder, Project Shoresh, Rhode Island

    Avraham is the best. He pushes you to healthy limits and keeps you on track. I would highly recommend him for the novice and seasoned fundraiser.


    Rabbi Pinchus Neuberger - Rosh Yeshiva, Mesivta of West Bloomfield, Michigan

    There are many details to a campaign and it is easy to get sidetracked from the goal of raising funds.


    R' Avraham helps you keep your eye on the ball and gives advice specific for fundraising based on numbers and experience. B'H, both campaigns we ran with him were very successful!


    Rabbi Baruch Bodenheim - Passaic Torah Institute, Passaic, New Jersey

    I contacted Avraham in the middle of a building campaign we’d started a few years before. I needed help on how to move our project forward after being stagnant for some time.


    Avraham guided me to formulate and powerfully communicate the vision and need of our new building to donors.


    Alongside this, Avraham trained me to set daily tasks and goals, keeping the large picture in focus to help reach our needed raise.


    Rabbi Benzion Maggid - Executive Director, Cheder Bais Reuven Kamenitz, Lakewood

    As an Executive Director embarking on a capital campaign for our new building, it seemed very daunting to raise the necessary funds.


    I reached out to Avraham Lewis - who was well recommended by many of my peers - to assist and coach me.


    As a veteran fundraiser, Avraham guided me and was extremely helpful by directing me how to effectively solicit capital campaign donations.


    Boruch Hashem, our building is almost ready. Thanks to Avraham who facilitated this.


    Rabbi Johnny Ouzzan - Founder, J-Hype, Houston

    Avraham Lewis helped me - organize myself, develop the fundraising mindset, set bold goals and meet them.


    For anyone looking to up their game in their non profit development, I would recommend him.


    Rabbi Avrohom Haberfeld - Kollel Kodshim, Lakewood

    Working with Avraham has helped me succeed with a very successful fundraising campaign.


    The many benefits of working with Avraham. Firstly, he helped me recognize who my potential donors are and how to raise the bar with larger requests.


    Second, you helped me stay focussed focused focussed... Which for me was the most important factor for being able to raise such large amounts in a short period of time.


    Thirdly, you boosted my self confidence very often. In addition, many times when I was lacking a lot of energy, you gave me energy. Thank you very much for a successful campaign. I look forward to working with you again soon.


    Rabbi Nachi Klein - Rabbi of Young Israel of Northridge, Los Angeles

    Avraham has been phenomenal in building my bottom line in my fundraising and building it in a quicker way.


    He’s been instrumental in guiding me to cultivate my donors to bring them to higher levels of giving and showing me how to bring in new donors to help me build my organization.


    I would highly recommend Avraham for anyone who wants to build their fundraising.


    Rabbi Zecharia Rubin - Rav, Ahavas Torah, Las Vegas

    Running my matching campaign would have been impossible without Avraham’s help.


    Avraham held my hand through every step of the process, helped me define my goal and then helped me beat it. He went above and beyond and I am very grateful.


    Rabbi Gidon Moskovits - Rav, Meyerland Minyan, Houston

    This was our first matching campaign, and as such, we needed direction from start to finish.


    We very much appreciated having you as our campaign coach and guide. You came highly recommended, and we can see why.


    You gave us needed direction every step of the way; from practical advice on how to motivate our team, to direction addressing the overall question of defining our fundraising goals.


    Rabbi Chaim Dessler - Director of Development, Bais Yaakov of Boston

    Working with you over the last few months has been such an amazing experience, and a game changer for our school!


    Your guidance, advice, and encouragement over the last few months were AMAZING; from working through a potential matcher list and the ask, both to major donors and middle tier donors, the marketing material and where to best focus our efforts, all the way through the 24 campaign.


    Most of our matchers were all new money!!!! We couldn’t have accomplished this without you! Your guidance every step of the way was AMAZING!


    Rabbi Yerachmiel Fried - Rosh Hakollel, The Dallas Community Kollel

    I would like to let you know how delightful it was working with Avraham Lewis on this year’s Kollel campaign.


    Gentle yet firm, he kept me focused and kept the “fire under my seat” burning and gave me the kind of positive encouragement I needed to keep up the work. The results were clear in the bottom line.


    You can’t go wrong with him!


    Rabbi Shlomo Abrams - Founder, JLC Dallas

    I started my organization 8 years ago. I had worked with three different coaches, attended fundraising seminars and of course jogged each day listening to mp3’s on fundraising.


    I never felt like I had a real mehalech with my donors and a real way to daily execute my plans. I needed a personal coach who understood me and had a mehalech and good hashkafah. That became a reality working with Avraham.


    We made a plan over two months to hit our first $100K and we surpassed our goal and I doubled my donations on many of my donors. What changed? Focusing on the biggies in a specific kind of way.


    Avraham kept me focused, he was willing to be there for me whenever I needed him. I have the confidence to take on big projects this coming year bezras Hashem.


    Rabbi Zvi Geffen - Educational and Development Director, Aish Manchester, UK

    Spending time with Avraham meant that I was able to refocus my efforts on big priorities that I had ignored or pushed off.


    I’ve become more confident in meetings, as I had been prepared well, including having my own personal story, setting higher goals - putting all that together, when I met a donor I was able to raise more.


    Time wise – I always knew what I had to do and when, I could just open my smart-sheet and have it all laid out what I had to do. As a result I was able to make more meetings happen and get donations quicker.


    Rabbi Dovid Horowitz - Founder, Makor HaChaim, Los Angeles

    Fundraising has always been a daunting task for me, but Avraham has given me the guidance, confidence and courage to embrace the challenge with success.


    Avraham guided me step by step to roll out a membership campaign that brought in an additional $40,000 in the first year.


    Rabbi Dovid Begoun - Founder, L’Chaim Center, Chicago

    Working with Avraham has been a pleasure from day one. He has helped me to organize my efforts, he has demanded excellence from me, he has taught me invaluable insights and all with his warm and positive personality.


    Most of all, Avraham keeps me motivated and on task by helping me to set realistic goals and then holding me accountable to working on achieving those goals.


    In the short time that we have worked together, I have gained confidence as a fundraiser and I have already begun to see direct results of our efforts.


    Three major gifts have either been secured or are in the pipeline as a direct result of the work that we have done. I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with Avraham and I look forward to continuing to do so for a long time to come.


    Rabbi Andrew Saffer - Executive Director, Aish Australia

    It’s almost indescribable how much Avraham’s coaching has changed my fundraising.


    My attitude towards fundraising is now much more healthy, serious and confident. I have goals. I have plans. I have next steps. I like that Avraham’s approach is donor-centric. I have seen it save me time over and over.


    Avraham’s advice literally quartered the amount of time I spent on my Chanukah mail out. I have definitely raised almost double what I expect I would have in the last half year under Avraham.


    There’s just no comparison between what I was doing then and what I’m doing now. This is by far the most practical coaching I’ve had in fundraising ever. The investment working with Avraham has paid for itself many times over.


    R' Yisroel Meir Simon - Campaign Director, RBS Kupa Shel Tzedaka, Ramat Beit Shemesh

    Avraham’s perceptive ability to understand difficult fundraising situations and create successful outcomes shone through on multiple occasions.


    A memorable example in my fundraising occurred when during a donor interaction, which I had prepared to ask the donor for an increase of $100,000 in his annual donation, before I was able to ask, he told me he would increase his support by $35,000.


    Avraham created a masterful plan to turn around this difficult situation which would allow us to go back to the donor. By the next day the donor agreed to the new increase of $100,000! I was astounded.


    Rabbi Tzvi Miller - Founder, The Salant Foundation, Beit Shemesh

    At my first meeting with Avraham, he intuitively identified innovative steps that The Salant Foundation needed to take, to bring their fundraising to a world class level.


    He also showed me how to easily integrate those initiatives in practical and creative ways. We have followed Avraham’s wise advice and we are already reaping incredible results.


    Additionally, Avraham is an incredibly positive person, so working together with him is a true pleasure.


    Rabbi Alexander Coleman - Founder, Institute of Jewish Ethics, Philadelphia

    I highly recommend Avraham. In the first month that I worked with him, he facilitated a 75% increase in contributions!


    His own experience in fundraising coupled with his decisive and focused questions and work assignments that he gave me, makes him excellent at what he does.


    Avraham is also a very congenial person to work with and he makes the experience fun and exciting.


    Rabbi Nosson Kohn - Founder, BeLev Echad, Beit Shemesh

    Avraham is an expert fundraising coach who builds fundraising strategies tailored for your abilities and capabilities, giving courage and guidance to implement them, and helps you learn from your mistakes.


    He is the last word in the “Do’s and Don’ts of fundraising. You won’t be disappointed.


    Rabbi Elliot Mathias - Executive Director, Aish NY Fellowships, NYC

    Avraham has helped me focus on my best fundraising opportunities, keeping me focused on where I can attain the best results.


    He has a well thought out, goal oriented process that has brought great value to my fundraising.


    It is great to have a fundraising coach who has fundraising experience and is genuinely aiming to help me succeed.


    Rabbi Jonathan Bash - Founder, Video Activism, Jerusalem

    Avraham has successfully helped me overcome my main obstacles and blocks in fundraising and focused me.


    This means my time spent fundraising is much more effective and with his continued input, I feel confident about reaching my fundraising goals for this year.


    Rabbi Chanan Fruchter - Executive Director, Ohr Moshe Yeshiva, Beit Shemesh

    Avraham has enabled us to take fund-raising to the next level. He helped us to increase donations by as much as five times the amount from donors who were already donating to the Yeshiva.


    Rabbi Yonason Martin - Founder, Hakshiva, Ramat Beit Shemesh

    As an executive director, one of my biggest challenges has been the difficulty to focus on fundraising despite everything else that I need to do.


    Having Avraham to guide and coach me has made it much more doable for me. Since we have started working together I have seen a significant increase in my ability to deal with my challenges.


    Avraham has helped me focus and he has encouraged me to do more than I would have done without having his coaching.


    He is an extremely understanding partner to work with and just as important, Avraham gives me constant ideas that have resulted in my successfully raising more money.


    Rabbi Josh Friedman - Director of Development, Lezion B’rina Yeshiva, Beitar

    Avraham is great at coaching people how to shoot high and score big.


    He helped me focus on my game plan, and understand what I wanted to accomplish and his optimistic, positive and upbeat energy is contagious.


    He was able to help me overcome obstacles which were holding me back.


    Yehudis Arenias - Assistant to Rebbetzin Weinberg, EYAHT, Jerusalem

    We invested in Avraham to guide us in reaching out to new potential donors. Avraham’s insights and guidance were invaluable.


    He helped make the money come in faster than we could have possibly done on our own. Our investment in him has been paid back many times over.

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