• Raising funds can be an uphill struggle

    The burden of raising funds can be overwhelming. And it's frustrating leaving money on the table. It does not have to be this way. You should not lack the funds to make your biggest difference.


  • We Understand the Challenge of Raising Funds

    150+ leaders of mosdos Torah guided to exceed their fundraising expectations

    HighRaise System removes the overwhelm of fundraising

    Tailer made approach infuses leaders to work towards ambitious goals - and beat them.


  • Rabbi Yoel Gold,

    Founder, Hashkifa

    "I still remember the very first time I spoke to R’ Avraham. He asked me how much I want to raise. I couldn’t get myself to actually say the amount, $100,000. I never believed it could be done. R’ Avraham did. He guided me every step of the way. We managed to exceed all our expectations many times over, because of R’ Avraham’s professionalism and unrelenting optimism."

    Rabbi Dovid Begoun

    Founder, L'Chaim Center, Chicago

    "We gained three new major donors."

    Rabbi Daniel Rowe

    Executive Director, Aish UK, London

    "Aish UK's Crowdfunding campaign raised £1,150,450. From the initial planning stages, right through to the final seconds, Avraham's clear mentoring and expert guidance meant that our campaign achieved maximum success. You were invaluable!"

    Rabbi Raphael Leban

    Executive Director, The Jewish Experience, Denver

    "My fundraising capacity has doubled as a result of our work."

  • A Sprinkling of Our Happy Clients

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    NY/NJ - R' Elliot Mathias R' Saj Frieberg/Marc Terris, Aish NY, R' Akiva Rutenberg & R' Nissim Musheyev, EMET, R' Elchonon Zohn, NASCK, R' Yossi Oratz, JRE, R' Yissachar Blinder, Nishmas HaTorah, R' Chaim Sampson, Project Inspire, R' Yehoshua Lewis, Mesorah NJ.

    Lakewood - R' Eliyahu Stern, Yeshiva Orchas Chaim, R' Moshe Weiss, Heichel HaTalmid, R' Shmuel Wilhelm, Bais Vaad Halacha Center,


    Philadelphia - R' Akiva Pollack, RAGE, , R' Yoel Zeffren Philadelphia Kollel. Toronto - R' Mitch Mandel Aish Toronto, R' Ezriel Sitzer, Thornhill Wood Shul, Toronto. Boston R' Chaim Dessler, Bais Yaakov. Cleveland R' Sruly Koval, JFX. Miami R' Chaim Friedman, Yeshiva Elementary School, R' Jay Lyons, NASCK, R' Mordechai Salfer, Doresh. Baltimore​ R' Chanina Szendro, Toras Chaim, R' Elan Sloan, Torah Legacy Foundation, RI R' Naftali Karp, Project Shoresh.



    Denver - R' Raphael Leban & R' Danny Wolfe, The JE, R' Ahron Yisroel Wasserman, Yeshivas Toras Chaim, R' Levi Lebovits, The Vaad Project, R' Mordechai Hoffman, Hillel Academy, Arizona - R' Ariel Shoshan, Ahavas Torah, Scottsdale, R' Jordon Brummer, JAC, R' Gavriel Goetz & R' Yossie Semel, Yeshiva High School, Texas - R' Aryeh Wolbe, TORCH, R' Gavriel Jacknin, BJC, R' Avraham Scheinberg, Rodef Shalom San Antonio. Dallas - R' Yerachmiel Fried, DATA Kollel, R' Nesanya Zakon, DATA Plano, R' Avi Honigsfeld, DATA of Richardson, R' Shlomo Abrams, JLC, R' Yerachmiel Udman, Mesorah High School


    St. Louis - R' Mordechai Yari, Kulanu Yachad, R' Shaya Mintz, St Louis Kollel, R' Josh Bregman, MTI, R' Eli Kamins, Esther Miller Beis Yaakov. Chicago - R' Doni Deutsch/R' Moshe Katz, CTN, R' Dovid Begoun, L'Chaim Center, R' Shalom Garfinkel, Project 613, R' Yisrael Bogopulsky, The Chicago Center, R' Shmuel Zimmerman, Khal Ohr Yisochar, - Detroit - R' Yosef Weingarden, Mesivta of West Bloomfield, R’ Yehuda Amsel, Yeshiva Darchei Torah.



    Los Angeles - R' Aryeh Markman, Aish LA, R' Asher Brander, LINK, R' Yoel Gold, Hashkifa, R' Nachi Klein, Young Israel of North Ridge, R' Yonah Bookstein, Pico Shul, R' Aaron Gartner, Yad L'Talmid, R' Dovid Horowitz, Makor HaChaim, R' Nissan Ahoobim, GoSephardi, Eli Levine, Hasbara Fellowships.



    United Kingdom - R' Daniel Rowe, Aish R' Zvi Gefen, Aish, R' Sandor Milun, JLE, R' Chaim Meiselman, Sharei Chaim, Manchester, R' Lazer Bambeger, R' Yosef Zvi Shleider, Gateshead Mikve, Reb Mochi Halpern/R' Yossi Bude, Chortkov, Manchester. South Africa - R' Chaim Willis & R' Shlomo Karpes, Aish Johannesburg , R' Akiva Gilbert, OJE. Australia - R' Andrew Saffer, Aish Melbourne



    R' Jack Kalla, Aish Jerusalem, R' Ari Green, Ohr Moshe, R' Dan Rosenstein, The Hebron Fund, R' Eytan Yehuda Dzikowski, Hatzala Beit Shemesh, R' Avraham Spitzer, Ohr Torah, R' Alter Klein, Nefesh HaTalmid, R' Yaakov Goodman, Yedidim, R' Jonathan Bash, Video Activism, R' Hillel Kligman, Keren YSA

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  • Personalized FundRaising Coaching

    Raise More | Do More

    Leaving Funds of the Table?

    Avraham is passionate about guiding Jewish leaders to stop leaving funds on the table and start raising more today.


    You'll overcome your hurdles and blocks and get more done!


    Whatever your fundraising set up, Avraham will lift you and your fundraising.


    You'll have access to Avraham's clear know-how.


    It's just like having your own fundraising expert on your team!

    Switch To Raise More?

    You'll get fundraising focus and accountability and you'll see more success.


    Your day to day fundraising will be upgraded and your fundraising projects will achieve even more success.


    From day one, you'll finally get a simple, but effective system tailor made to power your efforts.


    Simply and clearly, you'll always know what you have to do next and how best to do it.

    Investment Back Guarantee

    You'll maximize your opportunities and create new ones so you consistently and successfully take the steps to increase what you raise.


    You'll be more effective, waste less of your time and put your efforts where you'll see the greatest results.


    It all comes with a 'Big Wins' guarantee. If you don't get the results you decide upfront, your full investment will be returned.


    Let's speak to see if it is a good fit for you and your organization.

  • CrowdFunding Campaign Coaching

    in partnership with leading platforms

    Get the Right Advice

    Since online Charidy campaigns began, Avraham has guided 100+ Jewish leaders to raise $75M+ in 'Matched Giving' Charidy and CauseMatch campaigns.


    Getting the best guidance at each stage is the difference between a good and great campaign.


    Avraham's inside experience, having consulted in partnership with both Charidy.com and Causematch.com will make you and your campaign shine.

    Maximize Your Campaign

    When you work with Avraham, you'll get the best unbiased guidance to craft your most successful crowdfunding campaign.


    Avraham only takes on a limited amount of campaigns at any one time. This way you get his personal attention that you'll need to do your best.


    With Avraham guiding you, you'll raise much more than you could by doing it yourself.


    Reach out to see what's possible for your next campaign

  • Avraham's Fundraising Insights

    It's fundraising training in bite-sized chunks

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  • Avraham's Story...

    Avraham Lewis, CEO of Avraham Lewis Consulting, guides leaders of mosdos Torah to exceed their fundraising expectations and magnify their impact on Klal Yisroel.


    Avraham developed a unique fundraising system while fundraising for mosdos Torah, which propelled his organizations’ fundraising to new levels. After a decade spent perfecting this system, his passion to make a greater difference drove him from active fundraising into coaching.


    Leaders of mosdos Torah struggle to find the time needed to focus on fundraising. Avraham’s HighRaise™ system has enabled 150+ leaders to spend minimal time achieving maximal fundraising success.


    His step-by-step approach removes the overwhelm of fundraising and infuses leaders with the confidence and focus to work toward ambitious goals – and beat them. By tailoring his approach to each leader’s skill set, Avraham enables them to maximize their unique impact on Klal Yisrael


    Since the emergence of online fundraising campaigns, Avraham’s data-driven approach has also raised more than $75 million in 175+ campaigns for mosdos Torah.


    His weekly blog provides valuable direction to over a thousand Jewish leaders worldwide.


    Originally from London, Avraham earned a business degree at Manchester Business School before spending six years learning at Aish HaTorah.

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