HighRaise 1:1 Fundraising Coaching


    It's built for leaders of mosdos Torah who need to get their fundraising to the next level.


    Get Clarity . Gain Confidence . Take Action


    "Avraham's guidance and assistance has been invaluable. In many instances, what would have taken 2-3 years to learn -- Avraham taught me in mere minutes.


    When a donor offered a contribution well under the expected amount, Avraham's guidance enabled me to confidently pursue and secure a donation six times higher than the initial offer." 


    - Rabbi Jonah Steinmetz, Rosh Kollel, YU Kollel, LA 


    Does your fundraising feel stuck?

    • You're working hard, but somehow can't get to put enough effort into fundraising?
    • Your fundraising takes a back seat, unless it's urgent?
    • You don't know how to focus on your fundraising?
    • You see that raising funds is getting harder?
    • Your unclear how to best develop your donors?
    • You need new donor prospects, but don't know where to start?
    • You lack a system to manage your multiple fundraising tasks?


    "No platitudes, cliches, or “coachspeak,” just focus, understanding, and a touch of British dry wit. Just what the doctor ordered.


    His approach is methodical, consistent, and grounded in reality."


    - Rabbi Avigdor Goldberger, Executive Director, Minneapolis Kollel


    Imagine getting to the next level...  

    • Get more fundraising done, without having more time
    • Gain the confidence to communicate with donors so they respond positively
    • Gain the trust and support of donors so they give more
    • Open up new opportunities to bigger donations
    • Smooth out your workload with a fundraising system
    • Get a handle on all your responsibilities so you become highly effective in your role

    Who is ‘HighRaise Coaching’ designed for?


    'HighRaise' is most likely a good fit if...

    ✅ You're an exective director or leader of your own mossad

    ✅ You've been fundraising for at least a few years

    ✅ You shoulder most or all of the fundraising responsibility


    And you need to...

    ✅ Raise more

    ✅ In a more systemized way

    ✅ And be accountable to someone in your efforts



    Expert Coaching Will Supercharge Your Fundraising


    HighRaise coaching is crafted for leaders of mosdos Torah, who need to break through to the next level to successfully raise funds.

    Why Coaching is the Best Investment

    Your Fundraising?


    You'll Gain Clarity and Focus: Cut through the noise with a clear vision and focused action plans that drive success.


    You'll Be Accountable to Your Success: I'm your partner in progress, keeping you committed to your goals.


    You'll Get a Solid ROI: Experience a return that exceeds your investment through enhanced performance and results.


    You'll Accelerate Your Journey: Fast-track your personal and professional development with expert guidance tailored to your unique role.


    You'll Receive Objective Insights: Benefit from unbiased, honest feedback that pushes you towards excellence.


    You'll Achieve Peak Performance: Elevate your effectiveness and productivity to new heights.


    You'll Make Smarter Decisions: Sharpen your decision-making skills for wiser, more impactful outcomes.


    You'll Engage in a Supportive Partnership: Navigate your growth journey with a coach who supports and motivates you every step of the way.


    You'll Receive Customized Learning: Focus on what matters to you with a personalized coaching plan.



    Try HighRaise Coaching. If it's not a good fit to work together or you're not satisfied, your investment will be returned in full. Guaranteed.

    But Don’t Take My Word For it...


    Here’s what other folks have said:


    "Bottom line...with siyata dishmaya the results have paid

    for the investment comfortably more than ten times over!


    My advice to anyone considering working with Avraham is, " don't hesitate. Work with him."


    Avraham, you give a great service and enable so much to

    happen within Klal Yisroel. Chazak Ve’ematz!" 


    - Rabbi Malcolm Herman, Executive Director, Seed, London 



    "Avraham Lewis is simply the best investment my Yeshiva has ever made." 


    - Rabbi Elchonon Jacobovitz, Dean, Hamesivta Of Monsey



    In an industry and position that we are constantly pulled in many directions, Avraham Lewis is a master at keeping the focus on what counts most.


    Avraham's organized mehalech in the world of fundraising assures that no balls are dropped and that each and every opportunity is maximized.


    - Rabbi Yitzchok Krausz - Executive Vice President, Cheder D’ Monsey



    "No platitudes, cliches, or “coachspeak,” just focus, understanding, and a touch of British dry wit. Just what the doctor ordered.


    His approach is methodical, consistent, and grounded in reality."


    - Rabbi Avigdor Goldberger, Executive Director, Minneapolis Kollel



    "I still remember the very first time I spoke to R’ Avraham. He asked me how much I want to raise.


    I couldn’t get myself to actually say the amount, $100,000. I never believed it could be done. R’ Avraham did. He guided me every step of the way.


    We managed to exceed all our expectations many times over, because of R’ Avraham’s professionalism and unrelenting optimism."


    - Rabbi Yoel Gold - Founder, Hashkifa, Los Angeles



    There's no way I could raise the money I need to fund my organization without the guidance that Avraham is giving me.


    Avraham keeps me focused and provides the insights that make all the difference. 


    - Rabbi Menachem Deutsch ​​- Founder and CEO, Olami Launch, North America



    Working with R' Avraham has been life changing. His expert advice and guidance has empowered me to take the Yeshiva to heights that were previously unimaginable.


    He taught me to trust in my vision and act upon that vision with confidence and clarity. Heichal Hatalmud is what it is today, and what it will be tomorrow thanks to R' Avraham Lewis 


    - Rabbi Moshe Weiss - Rosh HaYeshiva, Heichal HaTalmud, Lakewood



    Pushing people beyond their comfort zones while being respectful and understanding is tricky.


    Reb Avraham walked that tightrope with precision, and helped us prioritize and reimagine our donor relationships. 


    - Rabbi Yosef Braha - Rosh Kollel, Memphis Kollel



    Avraham's understanding of the big picture together with his utmost commitment to the “katnus” of the daily grind is unusual and enlightening.


    This is rounded out by a quick wit and natural knack for salesmanship which is so important in making the fundraising pitch.


    Avraham’s coaching will not only benefit your fundraising but other areas of executive duties and life. He’s a delight to work with. I warmly recommend Avraham as a coach.


    - Rabbi Nechemia Gottleib - Founder, TAG International


    Who wrote this page, anyway?


    Hi! I'm Avraham Lewis and over the last decade, I've become the go-to guide for leaders of mosdos Torah, helping them not just meet, but exceed their fundraising expectations.


    Why? To make a monumental impact on Klal Yisroel.


    Back in the day, I was right there in the trenches, fundraising for mosdos Torah. While doing this I developed a fundraising system that helped me succeed.


    Fast forward, now I'm sharing that secret sauce, transforming leaders from overwhelmed executive directors to confident trailblazers with my HighRaise™ system.

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    And the stats? Over 175+ Jewish leaders have managed to fast track their fundraising goals using this system.


    Along the way, mosdos I've worked with have raised $100's of millions in their - online, capital and annual fundraising.


    Not to mention, my weekly blog is a treasure trove, guiding a whopping thousand plus Jewish leaders globally.


    Born and raised in London, (that's in England 😊) I earned my stripes with a business degree from Manchester Business School, then spent six life changing years at Aish HaTorah.


    For the last 20 years, I've lived in Ramat Beit Shemesh where I help mosdos globally make their biggest difference in Klal Yisroel!

    More About the Value of Coaching...

    Proven Impact, Proven Results


    Discover the unmatched value of executive coaching, backed by solid research and stunning outcomes:


    Why every leader should get coached - See this TED talk


    Impressive Returns: A Metrix Global study reveals coaching brings a staggering 788% return on investment. This leap in ROI is linked to enhanced productivity and employee retention - a testament to coaching efficacy. - see more here and here


    Recognized Success: The International Coaching Federation (ICF) found that an overwhelming 86% of organizations report positive ROI from coaching. Moreover, 96% of individuals who have experienced executive coaching are ready to sign up again, a nod to the immense satisfaction and value derived. see more here


    Spectacular Gains: Expect ROI ranging from a significant 200% to an extraordinary 500%, and in some cases, soaring beyond 10,000%. This indicates the power of coaching when aligned with targeted behavioral changes and organizational goals. See more here


    Personal Triumphs: Join the 80% who report soaring self-confidence following coaching. Over 70% cite enhanced work performance, enriched relationships, and sharpened communication skills, marking not just financial benefits but deep personal growth. See more here


    Invest in executive coaching and join the ranks of those who not only meet but exceed their professional and personal goals. Your path to leadership excellence begins here.

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    To ensure quality and responsiveness, HighRaise 1:1 Coaching is limited to 10 clients at any one time. Apply now to secure the next available spot.