Private Access with Avraham


    Six months of Unlimited 24/6 WhatsApp (or Email) Private Access to Avraham 


    Get Answers . Gain Confidence . Take Action


    "Avraham's guidance and assistance have been invaluable. In many instances, what would have taken 2-3 years to learn -- Avraham taught me in mere minutes.


    When a donor offered a contribution well under the expected amount, Avraham's guidance enabled me to confidently pursue and secure a donation six times higher than the initial offer."


     - Rabbi Jonah Steinmetz, Rosh Kollel YU Kollel, LA 


    Here’s how ‘Private Access’ works


    You can ask me anything 24/7 via private “our eyes only” direct messages in WhatsApp (or email). I’ll get back to you within one business day (but usually faster during business hours).

    What can I ask in Private Access?


    You can ask me anything you want, but typical topics of discussion include:

    • How to handle tough donor situations
    • How to word sensitive emails and other communications
    • How to grow relationships with big donors
    • How to respond to donor objections
    • How to distinguish opportunities from distractions
    • How to find better prospects
    • How to pitch to your donors
    • How best to approach different prospects
    • How to improve your marketing materials
    • How to maximize your fundraising time
    • How to overcome blocks in moving donors opportunities forward
    • How to manage all you have to do
    • How to escape analysis paralysis and actually get stuff done

    Who is ‘Private Access’ designed for?


    Private Access is probably a good fit if...

    ✅ You’re a Executive Director or run your own organization

    ✅ You’re raising $100k+ in fundraising income by yourself

    ✅ You’ve done prior fundraising training or coaching


    And you want to...

    ✅ Get unstuck and make your fundraising time more valuable

    ✅ Have a bigger impact

    ✅ Reach the next level in fundraising income

    But Don’t Take My Word For it...


    Here’s what other folks have said:


    "Bottom line...with siyata dishmaya the results have paid

    for the investment comfortably more than ten times over!


    My advice to anyone considering working with Avraham is, " don't hesitate". Work with him.


    Avraham, you give a great service and enable so much to

    happen within Klal Yisroel. Chazak Ve’ematz!"


    - Rabbi Malcolm Herman, Executive Director, Seed, London


    "There's no way I could raise the money I need to fund my organization without the guidance that Avraham is giving me."


    - Rabbi Menachem Deutsch, ​​Founder, Olami Launch, USA


    "In an industry and position that we are constantly pulled in many directions, Avraham Lewis is a master at keeping the focus on what counts most."


    - Rabbi Yitzchok Krausz, Executive Vice President, Cheder D’ Monsey


    "Avraham’s advice was spot-on and very practical. Using Avraham was a game-changer for me and my organization."


    - Rabbi Shmuel Fromowitz Rosh Kollel, Memphis Kollel 


    "Avraham Lewis is simply the best investment my Yeshiva has ever made."


    - Rabbi Elchonon Jacobovitz, Dean, Hamesivta Of Monsey


    "No platitudes, cliches, or “coachspeak,” just focus, understanding, and a touch of British dry wit. Just what the doctor ordered.


    His approach is methodical, consistent, and grounded in reality."


    - Rabbi Avigdor Goldberger, Executive Director, Minneapolis Kollel

    How much is ‘Private Access’?


    The fee for Private Access is $3,000 for six months.


    Ready to get unstuck? Let’s do this.

    Not sure?


    If you’re not 100% confident that I can help you as promised, try Private Access for a week and if you are not satisfied, your investment will be returned in full. Guaranteed.

    Space is limited


    To ensure high quality and responsiveness, Private Access is limited to a maximum of 10 participants. Act now to secure your spot.